Mission: Android

  • Posted on: 1 May 2013
  • By: breakcoder

Break Coder is a one-man software development project. The goal is simple: to conquer the world of mobile devices. The mission has started. First step: Android.

Mission progress:

Seven free applications on the Android operating system.

Types of implemented ideas:

  • Puzzle games - three games in the Blocks series. To win the game you have to remove the blocks of the same color from the board. Every game brings you slightly different rules and boards. Every game is a new challenge.
  • Sport apps - both related to the volleyball. One of them provides the latest information from the world of volleyball. The second one is a scoreboard that you can take with you on every volleyball match to count points.
  • Apps that provide entertainment and joy, but are difficult to assign to a specific category. MurMur Kitty - purring kitten in your phone. Heavy Gun Camera - turns your phone into a rifle.

Further tasks and challenges are still ahead of me.

If you have any comments / questions / suggestions - please contact me.