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Reflex, accuracy and strategy is what really matters in this game. Check yourself as a shooter. Your bullets are blocks of different colors, Your aim is the row of blocks on top of the board. If you shoot well, blocks of the same color will disappear and you earn points. Do not let the blocks to reach the bottom of the board.

Blocks: Shooter is a fantastic puzzle agile game for children and adults.

Rules of the game

  • When You start the game, there will be the row of colorful blocks on the top of the board.
  • Click on the bottom of the board to shoot.
  • Aim for the blocks of the same color.
  • If at least three blocks of the same color are touching, they are removed from the board ... and you earn points :)
  • There are new blocks appearing on the top of the board during the game.

Great fun for adults and children that develops reflex and observation.

Blocks: Shooter is a free agile game for you.

Be fast, be the best.

Shoot to win.

Good Luck!

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