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Blocks: Levels is the hardest puzzle game in the Blocks series. The goal is to remove blocks of the same color and shape from the board. In place of the disappearing blocks, one block of the next level appears.

We don't give you any tips how levels work. Solve it out yourself!

Anyone can play Blocks: Levels, but not everyone wins. Take up the challenge!

Basic features of the game:

  • Puzzle game Blocks: Levels uses nine types of blocks - there are three levels, each level consists of three blocks types.
  • Blocks vary in size, shape and color. Blocks of each size have three different shapes: square, square divided into four fields and a square divided into eight fields.
  • The game board consists of 36 fields.
  • The best results are saved - a list of the top 10 players is in the "Best results" section.

Rules of the game Blocks:

  • Levels Remove tiles of the same color and shape (at least three blocks must touch each other).
  • In place of the removed blocks, one block appears next level.
  • After removing the blocks of the highest level you get a bonus - a handful of gold coins, which gives you 500 bonus points!

Blocks: Levels develops logical thinking and strategy.

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