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Here it is! Finally! Seven in one - puzzle games of the Blocks series: Tower, Destructor, Levels, Rectangles, Shooter, Lines and Merger gathered in one place.

One app = seven amazing free puzzle games!

Choose the game you are currently fancy on.

Every game in the Blocks series is suitable for children and adults.

Rules of the game:

Basic rules for each of this puzzle games are similar: you earn points by removing blocks of the same color. Detailed rules for each game are different:

  • Blocks Tower - the more blocks of the same color you clear at once, the more points you earn. There are new blocks appearing at the top.
  • Blocks Remover - after removing the blocks, new blocks do not appear. The less blocks remains at the end of the game, the better result. Your goal is to clear the whole board.
  • Blocks Levels - blocks differ not only in color but also in shape. 9 types of blocks form levels. Your task is to discover the rules of the levels and score as many points as You can.
  • Blocks Rectangles - You have to find and select four blocks of the same color which form a rectangle. Do it as fast as you can - time is running out.
  • Blocks Shooter - reflex, accuracy and strategy is what really matters in this game. Your bullets are blocks of different colors, Your aim is the row of blocks on top of the board. If you shoot well, blocks of the same color will disappear and you earn points. Do not let the blocks to reach the bottom of the board.
  • Blocks Lines - arrange lines consisting of at least 5 blocks of the same color. The more blocks in the line, the more points you get.
  • Blocks: Merger - swipe the board to the left, right, up or down to move all the blocks and combine those with the same color and level. The higher block's level, the more points you earn.

Each of the game included in this fantastic seven-pack develops logical thinking and perception of children and adults. With these puzzle games You don't need to be afraid of boredom.

Download for free, set new records and have fun! :)

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