By: breakcoder

We are happy to announce that today was published the sixth puzzle game in the Blocks series. What will you find in it? First of all, great fun, three difficulty levels, clear, colorful graphics and addictive idea.

Download Blocks: Lines from the Google Play store. It's for free :)

If you want to know more about the game, read article Blocks: Lines - very good puzzle game.

By: breakcoder

All the games of the Blocks series have been integrated with Google Play Games Services.

As from today, every Blocks' player with Google account can:

  • save her/his best scores on the worldwide list of results and compare them with the achievements of other players
  • earn badges for in-game accomplishments - the more you play, the more badges (achievements) you gain

How to run these services? It's simple. All you have to do is turn on any game of the Blocks series, log in to your Google Account and play :)

By: breakcoder

From now on Blocks! All In One includes not three, not four, but as many as five amazing puzzle games. The latest version of application was enriched with two more games of the Blocks series: Rectangles and Shooter.

Each game included in the Blocks! All In One is unique. Some of them are logical, some are strategic, some require reflex. But they all have one thing in common: they are dangerously addictive :)

Go to the Google Play store and download Blocks! All In One right now, for free.

Great fun guaranteed!

By: breakcoder

I am happy to announce that from now on there is another puzzle game of Blocks series on the Google Play store available.

Blocks: Shooter is about reflexes, accuracy and strategy. Colorful blocks are your bullets. Shoot to score points and set up new records.

Great fun for adults and children guaranteed.

Develop your reflex and observation.

For more details about the game, check out this article: Blocks: Shooter puzzle game

Download Blocks: Shooter for free and become a sniper.

Be fast, be the best.

Good luck!

By: breakcoder

My series of puzzle games is getting bigger and bigger. From now on there are five of them. The newest one is called Blocks: Rectangles.

The game requires a knowledge of the basic principles of geometry and perceptiveness. Do you know how many corners does a rectangle have? Test your knowledge in practice and find as many rectangles as You can in 2 minutes. The bigger rectangle you find and select, the more points you'll get.

Game Blocks: Rectangles is intended for adults and children.

For more details about the game, check out this article: Blocks: Rectangles puzzle game.

Download Blocks: Rectangles for free.

Puzzle game Blocks: Rectangles is also included in Blocks! All In One - available to download for free from the Google Play store.

Have fun!

By: breakcoder

Your favorite puzzle games of the Blocks series are now available in one single application. With Blocks! All In One you have access to these games: Blocks: Tower, Blocks: Remover, Blocks: Levels.

One app = three amazing free puzzle games!

Every game in the Blocks series is suitable for children and adults.

Basic principles of each game are similar: You need to remove the blocks to score points. The detailed rules for each game are different however (more information about the games can be found in articles: Blocks: Tower, Blocks: Remover, Blocks: Levels).

Choose the game you are currently fancy on.

Download Blocks! All In One for free, set new records and have fun! :)


By: breakcoder

Break Coder is a one-man software development project. The goal is simple: to conquer the world of mobile devices. The mission has started. First step: Android.

Mission progress:

Seven free applications on the Android operating system.

Types of implemented ideas:

  • Puzzle games - three games in the Blocks series. To win the game you have to remove the blocks of the same color from the board. Every game brings you slightly different rules and boards. Every game is a new challenge.
  • Sport apps - both related to the volleyball. One of them provides the latest information from the world of volleyball. The second one is a scoreboard that you can take with you on every volleyball match to count points.
  • Apps that provide entertainment and joy, but are difficult to assign to a specific category. MurMur Kitty - purring kitten in your phone. Heavy Gun Camera - turns your phone into a rifle.

Further tasks and challenges are still ahead of me.

If you have any comments / questions / suggestions - please contact me.